About Us

Miniature Silky Fainting Goats are a relatively new breed that originated in 2003.  At this time, there are still less than 7000 registered Mini Silkies in the US.  As with many new breeds, the Mini Silky Fainters were initially extremely rare, so the breed’s growth has been very slow.  Mini Silky Fainting goats are so unique and the demand has always far exceeded the supply, especially for show quality and high quality breeding stock.  We began our Mini Silky Fainting goat herd in 2011 with 5 does and 1 buck.  We have searched the US for quality Mini Silkies to improve our foundation and add diverse genetics to our herd.  We presently have 18 Mini Silkies in our breeding herd, including 4 completely unrelated bucks which allows us to make very nice breeding pairs.  At LOL Farm, we strive to breed high quality well socialized Mini Silky Fainting goat babies with excellent coats in a variety of colors and characteristics that people seek, including: polled, blue eyes, tri-colored, blues, and blue and whites.